The Good News
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“I have something to tell you.”
It was dawn, and the woman’s image was blurred by my sleepiness.

“I’ve got news…”
She whispered again.

That was when I could look deep into those green eyes. They brought me truth.
“Someone you really love died.”

Her image dissolved while her voice echoed in the room, and I knew I had to spread the news.

I walked through streets, entered houses, went up hills and down slopes, and I went to commercial centers, talking to people repeatedly. When they heard me announce a loved one’s death, some would cry, others had no reaction at all, and some people looked at me with a question mark carved into their faces.

In my mind, inquiry mixed up with words I spoke. In my heart, I experienced lightness. While my mind told me to cry, speak, and keep on questioning, peace quenched foolishness.

At one point I was taken to a room—“You must say goodbye.” The pillow, clothes, the very place—everything—smelled like me. I went on walking until I found this shack. It was empty, except for some women standing in line, facing an aperture. They were jumping one by one.

Words went on jumbling up in my mind. But my heart was aware; it was awake. I got in line.

The woman in front of me turned around to hear me.
“One of my loved ones died.”
“A new light will be born,” she said, with her hand on her baby bump. “Will it work?”

My mind did not reply for it was quiet. I walked.
My heart jumped. It dove into the truth.

Three days later, the Master announced: Your new name is Bhuvi. It means heaven. And you don’t need after life to go to Heaven. It is now. It is here. And that is true courage. Embrace the truth. And what comes with Heaven? Bliss. Peace. Clarity. Celebration. The Zen people have a saying: “This very Earth, is the Lotus Paradise.” And truly blessed are those who realize it. So enjoy. Lotus Paradise.

And thus, Bhuvi was born.
भुवि ♥️

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