After a Storm

Morning dew smells like new
While the sun sings,
I’ve always been there for you.

Listen! Listen carefully to the birds
As they announce
This is a beautiful rebirth.

Flap your wings and fly
Love has no limits
Not even the sky.

Remember when you sipped the wine?
Now it is time you dive
Soak yourself and become a shrine.

Allow your soul to dance
Steady but yet so loose
Never miss that chance.

Wake up after the storm
To the silent voice of your Master,
Enough of being lukewarm!

To my Master with Love,

The Dance of Flames | A dança das chamas

🇧🇷 🔈
We share our heat
In the cold night.
Lovers who are
the same light.

My heart is your continent,
I’m a traveler in you.
While I dive into your existence,
We dance like flames.

It is the dance of
Light and color.
Heat of love.

Silently burning:
Absolute fire
In paradise.
May all beings find Love and dance in Paradise.
Life, Peace and Love for all
Bhuvi ♥︎ૐ

🔈 🇺🇸
Compartilhamos nosso calor
na noite de frio.
Amantes, somos
a mesma luz.

Meu coração é seu continente,
sou viajante em você.
Enquanto mergulho em sua existência,
dançamos como chamas.

Dança de
Luz e cor.
Calor e amor.

Queima em silêncio:
Fogo Absoluto
no Paraíso.
Que todos os seres encontrem Amor e dancem no Paraíso.
Vida, Paz e Amor para todos os seres
Bhuvi ♥︎ૐ

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