After a Storm

Morning dew smells like new
While the sun sings,
I’ve always been there for you.

Listen! Listen carefully to the birds
As they announce
This is a beautiful rebirth.

Flap your wings and fly
Love has no limits
Not even the sky.

Remember when you sipped the wine?
Now it is time you dive
Soak yourself and become a shrine.

Allow your soul to dance
Steady but yet so loose
Never miss that chance.

Wake up after the storm
To the silent voice of your Master,
Enough of being lukewarm!

To my Master with Love,

Lover | Amante

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Lover of The One-Verse
—The Absolute Poetry—
I am a heart
containing this body.

It journeys the Earth back Home.
It is nothing
but waves, the Ocean, a grain,
and the entire desert.

Bhuvi is the very walk
of this soul.

Call this heart
by that name.
It shall forever be open,
soaked with compassion.


♥︎ ૐ

Read in English

Amante do Único-Verso
— A Poesia Absoluta —,
sou um coração,
que contém este corpo.

Ele viaja a Terra, de volta para Casa.
Ele é nada
além de ondas, o Oceano, um grão
e o deserto inteiro.

Bhuvi é a verdadeira caminhada
desta alma.

Chame este coração
por aquele nome.
Ele estará para sempre aberto,
embebido de compaixão.


♥︎ ૐ

The Awe-Inspiring View of my Master | A imponente visão de meu Mestre


His eyes are forever flaming
in my eyes.
His existence,
imprinted in mine.
The awe-inspiring view of my Master
makes me realize:

I focus on courage
to walk and shake out my mind
letting go of dreams,
to free myself
from myself,
unyoke my being
from built-up likeness,
unbind my spirit
and fly.

The closer I get to my Nature
the closer I get to All.

I trust the Journey
and follow the path of Silence,
for Silence is the voice of God—
He speaks in my heart.

May I have ears
so I can live
Silently in Love.

Seus olhos flamejam
para sempre em meus olhos.
Sua existência,
impressa em minha.
A imponente visão de meu Mestre
faz-me vislumbrar:

Meu foco está na coragem
para caminhar e limpar minha mente,
soltar-me de sonhos,
para me libertar de mim mesma,
desassociar meu ser
de imagens construídas,
desprender meu espírito
e voar.

Quanto mais me aproximo
de minha Natureza
mais próxima estou de Tudo.

Confio na Jornada
e sigo o caminho do Silêncio,
porque Silêncio é a voz de Deus—
Ele fala em meu coração.

Que eu tenha ouvidos
para viver
Silenciosamente em Amor.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha


Light the fire
and keep it burning deep
in its totality.
Then you will see
Seek not
to quench the blaze
but dive
through that burning river
and surrender.
Light the fire
and burn into fragrance.
Love dissolves the self
then it resuscitates
into eternal existence.
Seek not
other home
but the heart of the Master
for it is time
you taste real flame.
Light the fire
be liquid and smoke.
Love breaks down walls, and
it unshapes
your being.
Seek not
for the mind unknows Love.
Truth dwells
where words cannot reach.
Hari Om
With Love, on the path,

Light the candles of your five senses
from the fire that is in your heart.