Deep, In the Core
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Deep, in the core, all humans are the same. Unique, though.

“So, when did we become different people, fighting to establish our own ideals?”

When we started collecting things, clinging to the material, to the mind, we forgot we are in the heart. We are understanding not certainty.

Life is mysterious. There is no ideal. There is only now.

Deep inside we all want to live now. We want to be, to exist. And that is why we should not fight the others but seek understanding. First understand who we are, then understand the others.

There is no ideal, because there is no certainty. Life changes. That is the meaning of impermanence.

Certainty closes our eyes and transforms us into a machine responding to commands—if this, that…

When you are able to understand, you are able to love, to build compassion, to relate.

We should not follow those who promise us certainty. We should not follow those who promise us they will deliver “knowledge.” Certainty is cheap and we can find it anywhere—any message can assure you anything.

Understanding is construction; therefore, it is solid, it is yours to keep. While certainty might give you safety, understanding will give you life.

When we start collecting things, we start building our egos. The ego seeks power, not love; so, it will not deliver love. The ego seeks to provoke fear, it does not know respect; so, it will not deliver respect.

Power relations are established upon fear and war and certainty, while respect and love and understanding are foundations to real relationships.

Certainty is dictation. Understanding is freedom. And in the patterns of certainty not even those who dictate are free.

Certainty kills. Understanding is alive. So, let us live our lives free from patterns. Let us seek the understanding of ourselves. Let us experiment with responsibility, respect, and love. Let us understand the others.

Then we will be free. Then we will live. That is the purpose of being human.

We are not machines.

Let us enjoy the banquet of wisdom and free ourselves from the prison of forgetting—of forgetting who we are, deep in the core.

Love, Bhuvi
भुवि ♥️

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