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“Living evolution is allowing the dance of creation, the dance of destruction, and the dance of liberation.”

The system transforms people into gears to make up a machine which exchanges lives for money; it establishes patterns to oppress individual natures. While wheels are turning, oppressors and victims are dehumanized. At the end of the day, the feeling is of losing one self and being defeated.

While feeling thwarted and urged to compete, individuals are motivated to act with violence against the “Other” who became mere enemy created by a powerful supremacy to maintain people under control. Because ultimately friendly connections—loving relationships—are threatening for their strength and refusal to submit.

Thus, breaking bonds with other human beings is to fall into the power game set by those heading the system, holding the key to run the machine which transforms us into objects lacking human essence. In this game, use of violence (physical and psychological), ruling the body of others, and dehumanization are norms, consequently human beings are segregated—separated into groups and labeled by sex, gender, race, religion, weight, health condition, ideas…—divided by supremacy of fake perfection or absolute power to those who consider themselves models. And thus are born patriarchs, fascists, egocentric people, who make use of authoritarianism and intolerance to control and subjugate disregarded people.

We know who wins such game: People are socialized not to show affection, and to accept social roles, judge, and discriminate; and even oppressed they perpetuate oppression. However, “Absolute power for patriarchs is not freeing. The nature of fascism is such that it controls, limits, and restricts leaders as well as the people fascists oppress.” (bell hooks, 1981)

To resist is, therefore, to accept human beings as one. In each individual dwells every sentient being; we are a communion of lives. While denying one’s life you deny everyone’s life, including yours. In community, when you point out and say “the Others” it is like you are pronouncing the words facing a mirror. Your resistance begins within, letting go of inherited concepts and knowledge; expressly, destructing the old, retrograde, and harmful to construct the new. That is actual salvation. There is no resurrection without death; no creation without destruction.

Living evolution is allowing the dance of creation, the dance of destruction, and the dance of liberation. Being aware so to experience life and not simply accept oppressions, patterns, and perpetuate bigotry. It is vital that you know how to give yourself completely to humanity without focusing on the task of feeding your ego. Therefore, it is paramount to learn the issues, be conscious, and act; act daily, linking discourse and action.

Those dances take place within us; they are happening now. Listen inside.

Conventional knowledge is death to our souls, and it is not really ours.


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