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When Sita, Rama’s wife, was abducted by the ten-head demon Ravana, Sugriva, the king of the apes, allowed Rama to use his army on a quest to rescue her. Hanuman, the mighty monkey general, the son of the wind who could leap distances was enlisted and took Rama and his brother Lakshmana all the way to Lanka. After a series of battles, Sita was rescued. The couple headed back to Ayodhya, ending a fourteen-year exile, and Rama reclaimed his throne.

During celebration in Ayodhya, King Vibhishana offered King Rama a necklace made of precious stones as sign of his devotion. Believing it would look more beautiful on the queen, Rama suggested Sita should be gifted with the jewelry. After hesitating, she accepted the present and decided to pass it on to Rama’s most dedicated devotee, who was never selfish while serving his Master. Therefore, she offered the piece to Hanuman.

After accepting it, he examined every single stone in the necklace before throwing them away. When rebuked and questioned by Vibhishana—why throw away such precious and divine stones?—Hanuman replied:

“Precious? Divine? I examined each one and could not see my Lord nor my Queen in them. Stones might be precious and divine for you, but jewelry in which I don’t see my Beloved are nothing more than pebbles.”

“Are you saying whatever in this world where Rama is not visible is useless?” said Vibhishana.

“Precisely. Do you have any doubt?”

“In that case, your body should bring Rama in it, otherwise you shouldn’t keep it either.”

“You are right again. In every tissue, in every sinew of my body lives Lord Rama and my queen, Mother Sita. And if you need me to, I can show you it is true.”

The heavens sent light, and Hanuman cried “Glory to Lord Rama!” before tearing his chest open to show the king and all the guests his heart was the house of greatest Love, where the divine dwelt.

When he opened his chest Hanuman went past his ego and showed who he really was, in his heart, in his center. He was a man of devotion, of truth; he carried in his heart Love and virtue.

The miracle is known as the ultimate sign of bond between Master and Disciple: pure Love.

Sri Hanuman, a devotee of Sri Rama, an avatar of Shiva, a disciple of Surya, the sun god, is a symbol of strength, devotion—an example of bond and Love—and the unlimited power within individual beings.

Who you are is not who you say you are, much less whatever you attach to yourself, but rather who you carry in your heart. If you tore your chest open, if you moved past your ego, who would we see in there, in your heart?

Hanuman hugs Rama
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Your existence is beauty.
To live who you are
is to be
absorbed by the essence.

Divinity expresses itself
in every being—
peculiarity is divine.
You are a special expression of life:
unique energy.

We are all equal, but
each flower makes
a different tasting honey.

On the surface we are ego—
In the core we are Love—
the spinal cord, allowing us to stand.

We are Love,
the greatest energy of creation.
We are god.

If you tore open your chest
like Sri Hanuman,
what would we see
in your heart?

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