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My name is Bhuvi.
Bhuvi means Heaven.
But if I disregard the fact that verb is what defines us, this will be yet another noun, a strange word with no importance—unreal appearance.

I am Bhuvi and this is my practice:
To understand “love is the ladder between heaven and hell,” but heaven and hell are not material spaces nor are they autonomous; they only exist in ourselves, and ladders are two-way accesses. To daily choose to nurture heaven and to follow the path of love—give up war and fossilized social constructions of prejudice, approaching the reality within each one.

I therefore commit myself to seek a conscious and awake existence, heartfelt toward myself and the others, practicing “cultural humility”—as coined by Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia and Dr. Melanie Tervalon—which I define as Meditation and Compassion (foundations of a loving life). Such is the practice to contribute with peace for all sentient beings, and end suffer on Earth — the Lotus paradise.

Some people might consider humbleness as weakness or submission. However, when I look at cultural humility as meditation and compassion, I relate the practice with strength and determination to listen to people, seeking complete understanding of the being: discourse, physical body, and subtle body, i.e., see, understand, and accept uniqueness of different existences. More importantly, to listen and completely understand my own essence, acknowledging my prejudice, limitations, and patterns, then letting go of cultural heritage: internalized and incorporated behaviors, and definitions—addictions.

To meditate is to be in humble silence, to find your center, surrendering to awareness and observation of how your own existence affects the others, and how you relate to patterns and diverse identities. To meditate is to figure yourself out. To practice compassion is to be constantly Love—comprehension, bestowal, care—, a non situational existence; it is to figure out the others. Both practices are about getting rid of the ego, the makeup we put on to disguise essence.

The exercise demands: Go beyond appearances, understanding there is no limited list of livable lives, and all existences are possible. It is not about being politically correct, but about respecting natural diversity and constant mutation—identities are multidimensional and cannot be abridged by desires and expectations, much less by judgements.

Practicing active listening—reflexion with sensibility and inquiry—is one of the paths to cure community and transform poisons such as greed, hatred, envy, jealousy, materialism, and others into antidote against hopelessness. And through cultural humility we can deconstruct toxic relationships among beings, allowing the hearts to be stronger, nurturing the healthy growth of all existences. That is the real alchemy. With such practice, we put down walls and build up bridges, which allows life in communion.

I am Bhuvi. My practice is based on heaven, which I chose to nurture inside myself—May my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to happiness and freedom among all beings.

How about you? What is your practice?

Om Shanti

भुवि ♥️

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